Natura’s Almond Beverages: A Healthy Milk Substitute


Natura’s Almond Beverages: A Healthy Milk Substitute


Natura has always been dedicated to bringing you wholesome products that are also environmentally friendly. In our pursuit to offer a healthier alternative to dairy products, we have developed a line of nutritious and delicious beverages with almonds as their core ingredient. Let’s delve deeper into the health benefits of almonds and explore why almond beverage surpasses cow’s milk in sustainability.

Where Did Almonds Come From?

Almond cultivation first emerged in the Middle East and Mediterranean region over four millennia ago. They were initially cherished for their oil content and therapeutic properties, serving as a cornerstone of many ancient medicinal practices. However, their role rapidly extended beyond the realm of medicine, securing a prominent place in kitchens worldwide, largely due to their robust nutritional value. Just a small handful of almonds provides nearly 10 percent of the daily protein requirement for adult men, and slightly more than 10 percent of the recommended fiber intake. Today, their popularity continues to rise, thanks to their compatibility with a multitude of recipes. Almonds can now be found in a diverse range of dishes, from salads and breads to desserts, and they have notably become a key ingredient in plant-based milks.

Natura’s Commitment to Almonds

At Natura, we’ve chosen almonds, sourced from sustainable farms, as a primary ingredient in our beverages, reflecting our commitment to quality, nutrition, and environmental preservation. Almonds, with their numerous health benefits and their light, non-overpowering flavor, make for a healthier and more versatile alternative to cow’s milk. They also have a lighter footprint, generating fewer emissions and requiring less land than dairy farming. By offering a wide range of almond beverages, we are proud to help simplify the lives of our customers, whether they are vegans, lactose-intolerant, or simply health-conscious.

Almonds’ Nutritional Benefits

Almond milk boasts an impressive nutritional profile: it’s a good source of calcium, vitamin D, B2, and B12, making it an excellent dairy-free alternative for those with lactose intolerance or for vegans. Our almond beverages contain fewer calories and less sugar compared to cow’s milk, and are completely free from cholesterol, saturated and trans fats. But we raise the bar even higher. Our almond beverage is free from gluten, and, importantly, from carrageenan and canola oil, heavily processed additives often linked to inflammation, digestive issues, and heart disease.

Ethics and Environmental Considerations

A 2018 study on the global milk supply revealed that producing one liter of cow’s milk requires 628 liters of water. By contrast, plant-based milk alternatives use significantly less water. For instance, one liter of almond milk requires only 371 liters of water, nearly half the amount needed for cow’s milk.1 Furthermore, its lower greenhouse gas emissions and smaller land requirements give it a sustainability advantage over cow’s milk. Replacing cow’s milk with plant-based alternatives also spares cows from a life of discomfort, an important ethical consideration often overlooked.

Join Natura on a Plant-based Journey with Almonds

Our plant-based beverages aren’t just delicious—they’re nutritionally balanced, packed with essential calcium, and vitamins D, B2, and B12. With fewer calories, less sugar, and no cholesterol, saturated or trans fats, they are a healthier choice over cow’s milk. In choosing our plant-based range, you’re not only prioritizing your health but also taking a conscious step towards a greener, more compassionate future.

Our plant-based beverages reduce the demand for animal agriculture, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. It’s a choice that respects our planet and aids in the fight against climate change. It’s also a humane decision that reduces reliance on practices often leading to animal suffering.

Many of our customers, like Maria from Toronto, have expressed how making the switch to Natura’s plant-based beverages have positively impacted their health and lifestyle. Maria shared, “Since switching to Natura, not only do I feel healthier, but I also feel good about making an environmentally-conscious choice.”

When you choose Natura, you’re not just choosing a refreshing drink – you’re standing up for a sustainable, compassionate world. Your decision contributes to a powerful collective effort that can drive real change.


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